The "Original" Line Dance Website
It all started in 1994 when the first version of went online as a sub-web of another site. Within six months the domain was registered. Over the years the site has undergone redesign several times. The latest version has been online since 2010 and will most likely be "the final version". However, nothing is written in stone.
Over 10,000 Line Dance Step Descriptions plus 700 plus videos.
When this first got started, having 100 dances on line was pretty impressive. In the mid 1990s, Country Time Dance Lines released a 3" looseleaf binder with 300 dances. At the time that was just unbelievable and we sold several hundred of those binders. Now we are approaching 11,000 step descriptions online along with instructional videos for over 700 dances!
Listings of places to dance in all 50 states.
Folks are always looking for a place to go dance even when traveling. To address that problem, Country Time started listing nightclubs in 2005. Coming soon is a database where you the dancer will be able to add nightclubs, dance halls, fraternal organizations, and fire halls where dancers go to line dance.

Other Upgrades coming soon. will be upgrading in several other areas including databases to search for dances, plus databases for choreographers and instructors.

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