Filmed a dance instruction video in 1996 for MCG/Curb Records.
In 1996, John Curb, President of MCG/Curb Records contracted with Dusty and Gloria to write a dance and film the instructional video for an upcoming single by a young group out of southern California called the Smokin' Armadillos. That video was filmed at Chap's in Edgewater, FL. and ended up being viewed and danced around the world.
Garage Video is upgrading to Hi-Def Video.
When Gloria's first dance (Daytona Slide for Hank Williams Jr. single "Daytona Nights") was filmed using an old VHS camera at The Rockin' Ranch in Ormond Beach, FL. There were several other dances filmed using that camera including some filmed in the garage. The dance Thump Factor was filmed using professional equipment by Time-Warner. Later dances filmed at JR's Country Club in Deland, FL and in the living room at home used a "high tech" Sony digital video (tape) camera. We are in the process of upgrading to a hi-def video camera and basic professional lighting equipment, a necessity so that we can begin filming more videos for the Internet using better imaging.